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The company provided by the highly efficient energy-saving lamps and LED lamps and lanterns are from our production, have we provide after-sales service guarantee (spare parts supply and technical support). Company's after-sales service by the existing professional training of technical staff to provide 24-hour response service. In the double under the guarantee of manpower and material resources. The company will provide the following services for free (except artificial damage) :

(a) according to the manufacturer warranty to provide warranty service for this service for free;

(2) for free warranty is out of order of high efficiency energy-saving lamps and LED lamps and lanterns to provide replacement and maintenance;

(3) free to provide pre-sale and after-sale technical consulting;

(4) provide regular follow-up maintenance free;

Detailed content is as follows:

A, efficient energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and lanterns of warranty:

According to our company to provide the whole lamp is a guarantee of two years free warranty.

Second, the mode of transportation

In the product after purchase, we will first contact with user unit specific head, confirm the delivery time and requirements;

Second, within the prescribed period of time, according to the mutual agreement to transport the products to your company;

Third, to provide products to ensure that all have the outer packing, packaging appearance without damage, and there is no kaifeng;

Fourth, the arrival of the goods you confirm there is no error on the model and quantity with the contract of installation and debugging of the reentry after;

Fifth, product packaging, and all products all additions to your company, to deal with;

Sixth, product to your company when unpacking acceptance, if there are any defects, spare parts, random tools, accessories, the product itself damaged, by my company.

Third, the time of delivery

After the purchase contract, I contact with your company specific owner, confirm the delivery time and requirements, in accordance with the working days of the delivery in the contract.

Due to natural disasters such as flood, fire, and manufacturers supply delay irresistible factors, such as to the delivery schedule of the goods should not be all or part of the contract, our company will be in three days written and telephone to inform your company, and provide relief situation proved that after approval, clearly put forward the solution and the time of delivery.

Four, installation, commissioning services

My company and set up aftersales 24-hour hotline consulting when your company assigned technical staff for installation. You can through the after-sale hotline consulting our technicians, and for the expensive department during the installation process possible doubt patience to communicate with your company, so that it can be independent after the installation process.

Five, highly efficient energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and lanterns is free warranty (except artificial damage)

Warranty period of 2 years free warranty

Since the date of the product (the official date of shipment, hereinafter referred to as the "delivery date") (including) within two years, if the purchased products appear dead light, light is not on, etc., we will repair free of charge.

Six, product quality assurance period fault the service response time

1). 24-hour service hotline:

My company's technical service department with the personnel on duty 24 hours service telephone. Number: 0760-89812261, can also direct dialing business manager's mobile phone, not rest during the holidays.

2). 30 minutes phone response:

After the call quality problem, our company engineer will be in 30 minutes with your company, phone calls, head of understand the failure phenomenon, determine the maintenance issues, put forward the solution.

3). 7 days * 24 hours a week

Time for my company technical service telephone: 18824729150; Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, the holiday season as usual.

Technical consulting service for normal business hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00 -- - 20:00.

Seven, fault repair time limit

If our company provide products during the warranty period appear quality problem, for the factors or improper use of the quality problem, we will give good maintenance within 4 working days.

Eight, other

Product warranty terms and conditions in detail on the basis of the contract signed by both parties.