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A merchant conditions:

1 to companies and individuals, specialty stores or the inn in inn mode and inscription series products;

2 good business reputation and business history, lighting product sales experience;

3 have sufficient financial strength, healthy financial situation;

4 there is a certain sales network, able to provide personnel and inscription series products;

5 have good brand awareness, to recognition of the inscription, management concept and mode, can actively cooperate with the marketing of the company.

Investment process and requirements

1 to apply for the distributor shall provide company, shop or personal related proof materials;

2 fill in application form with the regional agent;

3 all the dealers and sales agents need to promise each quarter, the specific amount according to the company regional standards;

4 abide by Ming company related sales policy, not to market its products outside distribution area;

5 protect consumers and the interests of the company, and getting the product after-sales service;